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The volatile local and global oil and gas markets have rendered the strength to UCOS® Oil Exploration Services.
Whether the oil prices hit rock bottom and continue their downward spiral or stand sky high due to increased demand, our commitment to delivering an unrivalled service remains unbeatable.
We have developed new means of integration to our services bundled up in realistic marketing ways to adapt to the significant changes in a strongly growing market.
We are continuously building on our experiences and client relationship to develop an active role in the success of our customers.
The company has successfully developed the culture of being a credible responsible corporate, that is able to sustain a prosperous future for itself as well for the clients.
Our major contributions to the industry will continue to be coupled with the sense of achievement and pride. Our logo will continue to be:
Active measures were not only taken to improve quality and performance, but to prevent risks in the areas of health, safety and environment as well.
These measures are an integral part of our “Performance and Leadership” commitment which focuses on our values, ethics and their expression in the business code of conduct and behaviour.
Effective HSE training emerged as an urgent need in order to establish good practice safety expectations and accountabilities.
The managers will continue their task of understanding and digging deeply into the problems underlying emotional connection to safety-related problems raised by the employees via a genuine accent on their concerns.
This could only be achieved through nonstop explanation efforts by the line managers and a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities on the work force side.
As HSE issues can never be compromised, we shall consistently exhibit and maintain the highest possible safety standards in every service performed by the company.
Ahmed Radwan,