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UCOS® Catering Services has been developed in response to demand from businesses in the Oil Industry that want the best in Remote Catering and Ancillary Support Services in this specialised market area.

UCOS® Catering Services was formed in 1999 in Egypt to provide specialist remote area catering and support services to the oil and gas industry. Since inception, our strong corporate culture of incorporating excellence of service with the delivery of a quality product was recognised by many organisations working in remote areas that understand the importance of delivery of these non-core services areas to their own core business operations.

UCOS® Catering Services has been operating since 1999 all around Egypt predominantly in support of Oil Industry companies, and extending to mining, construction and pipeline companies and we are proud of our heritage. It clearly demonstrates that we can deliver excellence in the most remote, and some of the harshest conditions. Everything else is just as challenging, but our history in the field gives us the confidence to know that no matter what conditions we are facing we still can and will make a difference.

Why UCOS®?
With the benefit of our heritage and background, we also know and understand the variables that make a difference not only to us, but also to our clients.

These are the things that show we are professional in our business dealings and understand our workplace and the environments that we operate in:

  • Occupational Health & Safety – policies and procedures that all of us live by.
  • Health and Hygiene – our policies are reviewed regularly and are current with all state and federal legislation.
  • Environmental Policies – that are cognisant of our industry and that of our clients.
  • Equal Opportunity –UCOS® has always employed personnel based on their ability to perform regardless of sex or race.
  • Service Value to our customers.
  • At UCOS® you get direct access to the people who own the business allowing for more streamlined decision making to better affect your business.

    We invite you to discuss how we can add value to your business and take care of the things that are not core to the business that you are in.